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Help for making and editing film-pages in the Sannyas Wiki

There are also instructions for e.g. editing of the Wiki's pages in general and for book-pages.

Film page-names

Film names end with a " (year)" (as is common usage on the internet). If a year is unknown, use " (film)".
We try to follow the name of the film as close as possible, but omit unnecessary characters if not essential:
Bhagwan: Oregon Seeing Red (1985) : That ":" is explicitly part of the title
but Bhagwan - My Dance is Complete (1989) : A ":" can easily be replaced by a "-" here. This makes the page-name/title the same as the name of a media-file (":" are not allowed in file-systems).

Film page content

Use the template {{sanfilm| ... }}. For examples, look in the code of one of the film-pages at Category:Filmography.
For example have a look at KKGW News Footage - Rajneeshpuram - tape 11 (1985) :
  • The page starts with a general description of the film, plus some introductory images that are placed to the right.
  • All details from the source are recorded under the header sources at the end of the template, see below.
  • If there is relevant descriptive info from a source, then copy that to the top part. Here, this goes under a small header "Information from YouTube (see below) : ".
    The "see below" links to the header of the source: "[[#YouTube|see below]]".
  • A small header "Information in the video:" is used to gather descriptive info that is shown in the film itself.
  • The field Released shows the year (or year and month) when the film was released. Sometimes this is not know, but it is known that the material is from a certain period. In that case that is used.
  • In this case there is one source: YouTube.
    Have a look how it is recorded here: basically everything that has been stated by the publisher on the YouTube-page.
  • An example with a film in 3 parts is OIF - OSHO Evening Meeting (2015).
  • An example with many sources is Sommer in Orange (2011).
  • More illustrations (stills) can be shown in at the bottom, the more the better!
    Have a look at Osho Shown Around in Antelope (1984) under "== stills ==". So this is not part of the template.
    Captions/names here have been provided by Ma Anand Bhagawati.