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General remarks about editing pages in the Sannyas Wiki

There are also specific instructions for book-pages and for music-pages.

Links to pages

Example: the book-page for "The Supreme Doctrine".

This is how a complete link looks in a browser: "".

Every page in the wiki starts with "", followed by the page-name "The_Supreme_Doctrine" with underscores at the place of spaces.

To make links in the sannyas wiki to other pages in the wiki you use just the page name between double brackets and without the underscores: [[The Supreme Doctrine]] . This gives this link The Supreme Doctrine.

Links to people

In this wiki we also want to refer to sannyasins, so wherever they are mentioned, they are clickable by using double brackets: [[Ma Yoga Laxmi]] .

Swami's names always start with Sw : Sw Prem Amrito.

In principle all sannyasins mentioned are made clickable. If they do have a page in the wiki, the link will be blue. If not, the link will be red; that's fine, a page may be added later.