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In the beginning, these titles were found gratuitously around the net in the course of researching other Osho books. Other titles have been added more systematically from publisher and bookseller lists. They are attributed to Osho as author and have not otherwise been included in the wiki. Aside from titles marked with **, 95-99% will NOT be original titles, ie corresponding directly to same-titled audio series or published while Osho was in the body. They will be compilations, translations, reductions (ie longer original books divided into smaller parts, eg five chapters) and just plain new titles for the sake of newness (marketing?). Where possible, pages created for them should be linked to pages for original titles.

Titles are mostly as presented, often meaning some extra information came along for the ride. Hindi words in parentheses may or may not be part of the actual title, may be a subtitle or just descriptive words. Thus, things like "Bolai Shekh Farid" and "Bole Sheikh Farid (Kabir Vani)" may or may not be considered two different titles (transliteration not being an issue). "(Trans)" indicates a translation. "(GB)" indicates found in "G**gle Books," may be a bonus for some researchers as a look inside the book is usually provided. Those marked with ** are from a "want" list published by the Resort, of early books missing from their collection. Happy searching!

  • Anand Prem Utsav (sources - oshodhara and Divyansh price-list; Shailendra adds: "compilation of 32 tracks-Parts of discourses")
  • Andhakar Se Alok Kee Or (अंधकार से आलोक की ओर) (this title is from Shailendra's collection, also appears on Oshoganga. Single chapter - it's said translation of ch.1 of From Darkness to Light)
  • Bharat Ke Sant (भारत के संत) (36 chapters, appears on Oshoganga. Unclear if book hard copy version exists.)
  • Bodh Kathaen (बोध कथाएं) (Shailendra said it is small booklet, compiled from unpublished manuscripts. Available on Oshoganga)
  • Dhyan : ध्यान (सक्रिय, निष्किय एवं त्राटक ध्यान की विधियों पर सारगर्भित प्रवचन = pithy discourse on the methods of active, passive and tritic meditation), author Bhagwan Rajneesh, copyrights of JJK, Bombay. - source is list from Surya Ki Or Udan (सूर्य की ओर उड़ान), 1974.03 ed.
  • Jeevan Ke Vibhinn Aayam (जीवन के विभिन्न आयाम) = "Misc. Talks on Dimensions of Life" (it is not worth to add as unclear if book hard version exists, but should be mentioned somewhere. The title appears as book-title for 10th ch. of "अंग्रेजी से हिन्दी अनुवादित-(ओशो)" series (Translated from English to Hind).)
  • Jhari Lage Mahaliya, Gagan Ghabaraye**
  • Krantikari Prayog**
  • Nav Sannyas (नव संन्यास), price 0.30 Rs (mentioned in list published books from Dharm Aur Rajneeti (धर्म और राजनीति), 1972.09 ed.; it is very close to Dhyan Va Nav-Sannyas (ध्यान व नव-संन्यास) booklet, but his price is 0.80 Rs; relation with Nav-Sannyas Kya? (नव-संन्यास क्या?) unclear)
  • Safed Badlon Ka Marg (सफेद बादलों का मार्ग) (this is name of Shailendra's PDF. It's translation of My Way: The Way of the White Clouds. Available on Oshoganga too. It's unknown if there are any other editions.)
  • Samaj Aur Satya**
  • Shandiliya Sutra
  • Shunya Ka Swar (शून्य का स्वर) (title listed in Ghat Bhulana Bat Binu (घाट भुलाना बाट बिनु), 1972 ed., as in press. Title looks as typo, but who know?)
  • Sudha Bindu (सुधा बिंदु) (mentioned by Shailendra in Shifting content in Hindi books (source document) as book with content of 6 talks of Amrit Vani (अमृत वाणी))
  • Tantra, Adhyatma Aur Kaam (तंत्र, अध्यात्म और काम) (Unclear if book hard version exists. But exists as Shailendra's PDF - translation of Tantra, Spirituality & Sex. Also available on Oshoganga.)
  • Tantra-Vigyan (तंत्र-विज्ञान) (Translation of The Tantra Vision, Vol 1. Unclear if book hard version exists. Available on Oshoganga as तंत्रा-विज्ञान with obvious mystake.)
  • Udaipur Camp "Creative Publisher", Feb 8, 2015 83 p (GB), appears to be an e-book
  • Unpublished Matter from Manuscripts (पांडुलिपी से प्राप्त अप्रकाशित सामग्री) (title of Shailendra's PDF with text from unpublished Osho's Manuscripts. English part in the title is translation of devanagari, not its transliteration.)
  • Varanasi "Creative Publisher", Feb 8, 2015 34 p (GB), appears to be an e-book
  • Yaun: Jeevan Ka Urja-Aayam (यौन : जीवन का ऊर्जा-आयाम) (mentioned as complied book in Sambhog Se Samadhi Ki Or (संभोग से समाधि की ओर), 1978ed. maybe not existing)

Three titles from a list of books from Boojhe Birla Koi (बूझे बिरला कोई) (1989 ed.), they listed in section Compilation together with English translation Main Swayam Ko Bhagwan Kyon Kahta Hun? (मैं स्वयं को भगवान् क्यों कहता हूँ?):

  • Ankur (अंकुर) (souvenir)
  • Ashish (आशीष) (souvenir)
  • Naivedya (नैवेद्य) (souvenir)

Some titles are mentioned in Mid-70s Hindi publishing info (source doc).