I Am That

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"This Upanishad...is the smallest - it can be written on a postcard - and yet it is the greatest document in existence," Osho declares. "There is no document of such luminosity, of such profoundness anywhere in the whole history of humanity." These sutras are amongst the most ancient wisdom available to mankind - transmitted from masters to their disciples twenty-five centuries before even Buddha. With clear metaphors, stories and jokes, we are introduced to the perspective of an enlightened master - a world view so total that it embraces the cosmic, a rebirth of the spirit of the Upanishads.

Translated from
Time Period of Osho's original Discourses/Talks/Letters
from Oct 11, 1980 to Oct 26, 1980
Number of Discourses/Chapters


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I Am That

Talks on the Isha Upanishad

Year of Publication : 1984
Publisher (Distributor) : Rajneesh Foundation
Edition No : 1
ISBN / ISSN : 0-88050-580-X
Number of Pages : 416
Out of Print : Y
Hardcover / Paperback : P