I Feel So Lucky

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Sw Gyan Abodha
Sw Anando Bharti
Lyrics and chord notation
Cmj7                    Fmj7
 Early morning sunrise, sound of the sea

Cmj7                      Fmj7
 Call of the early morning birds

Cmj7            Fmj7
 Wind rustling through the trees

Dm                 Am
 Everywhere I go reminds me of you,

             Dm      Am     C       G
 That there’s so much more, so much more

           C   G      C    G     C           F        G     ┐
 I feel so lucky,  so lucky,  so lucky to be loved by you   ┘-2x

  G                                 F    G  F               ┐
 Showering flowers, your fragrance of love                  ┘-2x

Source: Sarlo's Songs in the Key of Osho. See: Notes on chord notation.


Sw Gyan Abodha - vocals
Sw Anando Bharti - bass
Sw Devaprem - backing vocals
Sw Homen - congas, bongos, percussion
Ma Prem Jaldhara - keyboards
Sw Vidroha Jamie - guitars
Sw Ojas - congas, percussion
Sw Prem Prabodh - bass
Sw Prem Praful - saxophone (Probably this is Sw Praful)
Sw Prem Prasad - Mohan Veena, slide guitar (Is this Prasad Mackenzie?)
Sw Preman - bassoon
Sw Satgyan - bass
Ma Satyam - backing vocals
Sw Veetmayo - congas, percusson
Flute? maybe Ma Vimal Nandin?
I can't remember who played drums - maybe Sw Dhyan Vatayan?
Harmonica ?
1996 - 1997

Audio - full length

05 Lucky 4:56