I Leave You My Dream (1990)

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Celebration video of Osho leaving the body.
The film shows Osho's body in the Auditorium; Sw Prem Amrito's account of the events that day; quotes form Osho's audio; the burning of his body at the Ghats; the return of his ashes to the Commune and placement in the Samadhi.
The second half of the movie (16m 30s - 28m 26s): "On January 20", Sw Prem Amrito reads about what happened to Osho's body.
Opening text:
On Thursday, January 18, 1990, the White Robe Brotherhood gathered for their evening meditation in Gutama the Buddha Auditorium at Osho Commune in Poona, India.
Osho's body was in such pain that He was unable to come to the Hall to greet the assembly.
But He requested that the meditation continue at the usual time and said that He would be meditating with His people from His room.
On the following night, Friday, January 19, 1990, when the assembly had gathered, Osho's personal physician announced that Osho had left His body at 5.00pm in the afternoon and that, in accordance with His wishes, the body would be brought to the Auditorium that evening and then taken to be cremated.
This is a record of the events that followed.
29 min


Opening credits: I Leave You My Dream
Closing credits: Copyright 1990 Neo-Sannyas International
VHS tape: Rebel Distribution Pvt. Ltd.

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