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InanItah is a consciously created, earth-based spiritual community and tropical nature retreat located on magical Isla de Ometepe in Nicaragua. We co-are an evolutionary living and learning center, and hold a vision for raising spiritual and environmental consciousness.This is a powerful place for individual and collective transformation.

At InanItah we practice active meditation, working with rather than against the dynamic nature of the modern mind and the modern lifestyle. We regularly practice OSHO active meditation along with other forms of breath and movement based meditation such as Quantum Light Breath and ecstatic dance. We also encourage cultivating stillness through silence.

We are situated between fire and water volcanoes, tucked against the hillside of Volcan Maderas on an biologically diverse 22 acres. Our peaceful natural surroundings are framed by panoramic views of both volcanoes and epic sunsets over the lake. Isla de Ometepe has a rich spiritual ancestry and once served as a sacred Indian burial ground, with evidence to this day of both Incan and Native American settlements.

We invite our visitors and volunteers to join our community in living, learning, and sharing. We wish to empower people to discover and share their natural gifts in cooperative celebration and service.

Contact Details

Finca InanItah
Volcan Maderas, Isla de Ometepe
Dept. Rivas
Phone: +505 8909 5653
Phone: +505 8355 8480
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