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This is the third of four letterheads featuring the name of Osho's organization Jeevan Jagriti Kendra, with its address at 115, Napier Town in Jabalpur. Collectively they are so far the earliest solid record of JJK's existence. This is the only one of the four using Devanagari script, the other three's use of the Roman alphabet being a departure from previous letterheads.

As this one is in Devanagari, the issues of transliteration that arise in the others do not apply here. For an in-depth explanation of how those issues play out, see JJKNapier-1 Letterhead.

This letterhead has, (transliterated), in the upper left corner:

Acharya Rajneesh

And on the bottom:

Jeevan Jagriti Kendra, 115, Napier Town, Jabalpur (M. P.)
(with the lettering spaced apart, not joined the way letters usually are, ie like Jee va n Ja gri ti Ke ndra)

Eleven letters are known so far to have been written on this letterhead, all to Ma Yoga Sohan:

Letter written on 9 Aug 1965 om
Letter written on 20 Aug 1965
Letter written on 16 Sep 1965
Letter written on 20 Sep 1965 xm
Letter written on 26 Jul 1966
Letter written on 3 Aug 1966 xm
Letter written on 27 Aug 1966
Letter written on 30 Aug 1966
Letter written on 8 Sep 1966
Letter written on 10 Sep 1966
Letter written on 10 Oct 1966 am

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