Jin Khoja Tin Paiyan ~ 15

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जिन खोजा तिन पाइयां ~ 15

event type discourse
date & time 8 Jul 1970 pm
location CCI Chambers, Bombay
language Hindi
audio Available, duration 1h 51min. Quality: good.
online audio
video Not available
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shorttitle MIRAC205
See In Search of the Miraculous, Vol 2 for a view on all editions.
Description of this chapter in The Mystic Experience (1977) #14: Text of a discourse given in Bombay, India (Hindi). Chapter title: The Plunge of Science Intro the Mysteries of Religion"
In In Search of the Miraculous, Vol 2 (1984 / 1992) #5: the chapter title is: "The occult mysteries of religion"
(Translated as in In Search of the Miraculous, Vol 2 on CD-ROM)
Question 1
In yesterday's talk you said that it is possible for science to enter the fifth or spiritual body. Then you talked of the possibilities of science in the fourth body. Kindly tell us about the possibilities of science in the fifth body.
Question 2
Who knows nonbeing and on what basis can it be known?
Question 3
How is the knowledge of it reported?
Question 4
What are the distinctive characteristics of Aum for which it has been chosen to represent the seventh plane?

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