Journey of a Book (2005)

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A documentary about Osho as a bookman, made by the Film & Television Institute of India.
Has quotes from his discourses about books, Osho calligraphing books, making signatures, has interviews with his librarians, footage of the Pune Ashram and Osho's library.


Produced & Directed By Rakesh Tyagi

Assistance in Production: M. Kiran
Idea & Concept: Rakesh Tyagi
Research: Amrit Sadhana
Script: Laxmi Narayan
Voice over: Gandha
Camera: Mukesh Gupta
Audio: Dinesh Behal
Editing & Post Production: Ravindra Shekhar
Graphics: Shreeshail Guded
Acknowledgements: Osho International Foundation, Osho international Meditation resort, Pune
Copyright 2005 Osho International Foundation. Copyright 1935-2005 all revisions.
OSHO is a registered Trademark of Osho International Foundation

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Title: The Bookman Documentary
THE BOOKMAN fairly known as OSHO small English Documentary on his Love for Books.


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