KGW - Rajneesh Update - Under Arrest (1985)

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Info about this video:
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YouTube title: Rajneesh in Oregon: 1985 KGW Archive Documentary
Youtube information:
KGW News
Published on Mar 22, 2018
1985 documentary update on the Rajneeshpuram in Oregon following the Baghwan and Sheela's arrest.
Story: Archive: KGW documentary of Rajneeshpuram commune in Oregon (
'Wild Wild Country' Rajneesh documentary on Netflix: (on
Information in the video:
Duration: 30:29; ad from 9:15 to 10:24 and from 21:00 to 22:40
Opening credits: Special Edition 8 KGW TV
0:36 Headline: News 8 special report: Rajneesh Update: Under Arrest
2:19 Interview with Ray Abrams, U.S. Marshall
3:17 Interview with Gary Nicholson, Rajneeshees charter pilot
3:58 Interview with Ma Prem Hasya, Bhagwan's secretary
4:21 Interview with Peter Schey, Rajneesh attorney
5:33 Interview with Ma Prem Isabel, Rajneesh spokesman
12:48 Interview with (Ma) Samadhi, former sannyasin
13:04 Interview with Ma Yoga Vidya, former sannyasin
13:31 "Voice of Otmar Washenheim, Sheela's attorney"
14:00 Interview with Anu Bhavo, former sannyasin
14:53 Interview with Dipo, Sheela's husband
17:43 Interview with Dave Frohnmayer, Attorney General
27:25 Interview with Sw Dhyan John, Rajneesh Investment Corp.


Rajneesh Update: Under Arrest
A production of 8 News and KGW Television

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