KKGW News Footage - Rajneesh (198x)

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This is raw footage of KGW, an Oregon TV station from the period of the Ranch.
It has been collected and published on YouTube by the Oregon Historical Society. For how this came about, see Preserving Tapes of Rajneeshpuram for Oregon Experience Documentary.
Info about this video:
YouTube code: Gava1nAKW2A
YouTube title: Rajneesh - News Footage (KKGW, 198_)
Youtube information:
Oregon Historical Society
Published on Apr 11, 2018
Interviews with Krishna Deva, Ma Prem Isabel, Ma Anand Sheela. MI# 05812.
Transferred from original 3/4" U-matic tape by AV Geeks, Oregon Historical Society KGW News Collection. Intended for educational purposes.
Information in the video:
Duration: 21:07; but there is a second part after 7:51 which is unrelated to Osho
21:07 (but only till 7:51 related to Osho)


Oregon Historical Society

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