Kaivalya Upanishad ~ 17

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कैवल्य उपनिषद ~ 17

event type discourse
date & time 2 Apr 1972, 19:00
location Mount Abu, meditation camp
language Hindi & English
audio Available, duration 1h 38min. Quality: good. Missing some fragments and meditation part (under revision).
Sanskrit chanted sutra, followed by a Hindi and English translation of the sutra.
online audio
video Not available
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shorttitle THOU34
See Talk:Osho Timeline 1972. English part of this event published as That Art Thou #34
CD-ROM about That Art Thou: "Originally titled "Sarvasar Upanishad" (first 17 discourses at Matheran), "Kaivalya Upanishad" (second 17 discourses at Mt. Abu) and "Adhyatma Upanishad" (last 17 discourses at Mt. Abu). Discourses were in Hindi and English, the tapes produced as "That Art Thou" are the English parts."
Reader of the sutra: Ma Yoga Taru, also chanting.
Hindi part:
(Translated as in Flight of the Alone to the Alone (discourses))
The sutra
For me, there is no earth, water, fire, air or sky. Only the one who has realized the godliness which dwells in the cave of the heart, which is formless, which is beyond the web of illusion, which is the witness to the whole and which is beyond existence and non-existence, will know my pure and godly nature.
Thus ends the Kaivalya Upanishad.
Om, Shantih Shantih Shantih.
English part:
The sutra
For me there is neither earth, nor water, nor fire, nor air, nor ether, akasha. Thus realizing the nature of paramatma, the supreme self, the one who is in the cavity of the heart, who is without form, without comparison, advidya the witness of all, beyond both existence and non-existence, one attains the supreme self.
Thus ends the Kaivalya Upanishad.
Aum, peace, peace, peace.

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