Kuchh Jyotirmaya Kshan ~ 01

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कुछ ज्योतिर्मय क्षण ~ 01

event type accounts
of talks
date & time 1967 **
language Hindi
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shorttitle LEAD01
See Kuchh Jyotirmaya Kshan (कुछ ज्योतिर्मय क्षण). For information about the date, see Lead Kindly Light.
(Translated as in Lead Kindly Light)
Question 1
But how to achieve this silence?
Question 2
But we like flowers; that is why we pluck them!
Question 3
What do you mean by this alertness and preparedness?
Question 4
Even if the realisation of our imperfection dawns upon us, what good does it do?
Question 5
What is the cause of our miseries?
Question 6
Do you consider all faiths same and equal?
Question 7
How should life be lived?
Question 8
During sleep, is it possible to bear in mind that what we see is merely a dream?
Question 9
Is it necessary to make someone a guru in our quest for knowledge?
Question 10
Would you suggest anything else for me?
Question 11
What type of life is lived by a person who is without any kind of desire?
Question 12
Is there no easy and convenient way to attain the Truth?
Question 13
But what about our universities?
Question 14
I sculpt idols; I am a creative artist, yet I do not get any deep satisfaction out of my life-work. What shall I do?”
Question 15
I am very unhappy and worried; but I can not pin-point the reason of my misery. I am sick and tired of my circumstances, and want to change them; perhaps in a new environment, I may get some peace.
Question 16
What do you mean by ‘thinking’?