Kya Hai Marg? (क्या है मार्ग?)

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Sources of the book: lists from Mahaveer-Vani, Bhag 2 (महावीर-वाणी, भाग 2) ver 1.5 (1988 ed.) and from Boojhe Birla Koi (बूझे बिरला कोई) (1989 ed.). Latter source listed it in Old discourses section.
In list from Prem Ke Phool (प्रेम के फूल) (1970.12 ed.), Hindi Books in Print Lists#Mar 1971 and lists from Satya Ki Khoj (सत्य की खोज) (1971.05 ed.), Jin Khoja Tin Paiyan (जिन खोजा तिन पाइयां) (1974.04 ed.) listed as 'in press'.
The book appears in: a) Hindi series of talks with dates (source document): "Kya Hai Marg?Gyan Bhakti" (= title + first part of subtitle); b) Osho Discourse Hindi List with dates (source document): "ज्ञान, भक्ति या कर्म" (= subtitle); c) Hindi series of talks with dates 2 (source document): "क्या है मार्ग? ज्ञान, भक्ति या कर्म?" (= title + subtitle). All three sources give the same dates. So, the book should have content as Shunya Ke Paar (शून्य के पार) has. For details see Shunya's talk.
List of books from Prem Aur Vivah (प्रेम और विवाह), 1971.05 ed., lists it as 'in press' and with title: "शून्य के पार क्या है मार्ग (ज्ञान, भक्ति या कर्म ?)" with description 4 discourses in Rajkot.
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Kya Hai Marg? (क्या है मार्ग?)

ज्ञान भक्ति या कर्म (Gyan Bhakti Ya Karm)

Year of publication : 1971, 1974 ?
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