Letter written on ?? Jul 1957

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From 1957 to 1968, Osho wrote many letters to Babulal Ji Deriya, of Babai (MP), India. The wiki has images of thirteen, believed for now to be all of them. Most are written on postcards. See Deriya Ji's page or Osho's manuscript letters for links to all these letters.

For the Post Office, Osho used his full name as above. In addressing him personally, he wrote "Poojya Deriya Ji" or "Shraddheya Deriya Ji" (venerable, honoured), only later using the more familiar "Priya Deriya Ji" (dear, beloved), but all following his sometime custom of addressing male friends by their last names. See also Lashkariji, Punglia Ji, etc.

This letter is undated and sent from Sagar, where Osho had gone for his graduate studies. He wrote it on the letterhead of one of his most-loved professors there, SK Saksena. An English translation was published in Sw Ageh Bharti's book Beloved Osho, and likely the Hindi original version was published previously in one of Ageh's Hindi books. It is said also to be in line to be published eventually in a larger edition of Prem Ke Swar (प्रेम के स्वर) (as letter #57), though this development appears not to be fast-tracked.

An approximate date (~6~15 Jul 1957) has been estimated from the text in the letter: Osho asks if Deriya Ji has received a letter he wrote from Gadarwara, saying he has just come from there. He is referring almost certainly to the Letter written on 5 Jul 1957, wherein he had talked about wanting to get together with Deriya Ji and going next to Sagar.

This letter has a lot of detail about trying to arrange a job, especially a possible professorship with the help of Deriya Ji and Seth Bhagwandas, among others. The translation from Ageh's book is reproduced on Deriya Ji's page.

श्रीकृष्ण सक्सेना
दर्शन विभाग

सागर विश्वविद्दालय
सागर (म.प्र.)

पूज्य डेरियाजी,
मेरा गाडरवारा से दिया पत्र,आशा करता हूँ, आपको मिल गया होगा। मैं उसके बाद ही सागर चला आया हूँ। सागर विश्वविद्दालयसे मुझे १००) माह की सात्रवृत्ति मिल सकतीहै पर मैं चाहता हूँ की अब घर की भी कुछ सहायता कर सकूँ इसलिए मेरा इरादा नौकरी करके प्राइवेट तौर पर ही रिसर्च करने काहै। मैंने इस संबंध में सेठ भगवानदास जी से कल ही बात की है। इस वर्ष प्रांत में दर्शन के प्रोफ़ेसर के लिए कोई स्थान रिक्त नहीं हुआ है;प्रांत के बहार जरूर मैंने कुछ जगह के लिए आवेदन भेजे हैं, किंतु मैं प्रांत के बाहर जाना नहीं चाहता हूँ इसलिए बासौदा कॉलेज में अगर कोई व्यवस्था होसके तो आप करदें। इस संबंध में ही मैंने सेठ जी से बातें की हैं। उन्होंने सलाह दी है कि मैं आपको लेकर बासौदा चला जाऊँ और श्री रामलाल जी आदि से मिललूँ और फिर कोई न कोई व्यवस्था हो ही जायेगी। बासौदा रहकर मैं समाज और संततारण साहित्य की सेवा करने में भी समर्थ होसकता हूँ और धीरे धीरे उस कॉलेज को दर्शन और धर्म के अध्ययन और मनन् का केन्द्र भी बनाया जासकताहै। मुझे तो उस कॉलेज का कोई ध्यान ही नहीं था; सेठ डालचंद जी ने ही स्मरण कराया है। मैं दो एक दिन बाद घर जारहा हूँ और वहीँ से बाबई भी आऊँगा और अगर आवश्यक हुआ तो आपको बासौदा चलकर कुछ व्यवस्था करनी होगी। मैं ३० तारीख तक आपके पास पहुँच जाउँगा और शेष बातें मिलने पर ही होंगी। शेष शुभ है। यहां आकर फ्लू हो गया था; अब स्वस्थ हूँ। सबको :

रजनीश के प्रणाम.

"Venerable Deriya Ji,
"I hope that you might have received my letter written from Gadarwara. Only after that I have come to Sagar.
I can get the scholarship of Rs.100/- monthly but I wish that I can be of some help to my home – hence my intention is to do research privately while doing a job. In this regard yesterday only, I have talked to Seth Bhagwandas Ji.
This year in the province (state) no vacancy is created for a professor of philosophy; I did sent the applications for some places outside the province – but I don’t want to go outside the province – hence if some arrangement can be made at Basoda College (some 100 km from Sagar), then you may do it. I have talked to Seth Ji in this context only. He has advised that I go with you to Basoda and meet Shree Ramlal Ji and others; then some arrangement would surely be done.
I can become able (effective) to serve the society and Sant Tara Sahiba by staying at Basoda. And slowly-slowly that college can also be made a center of philosophy, learning and contemplation. I had not thought of that college at all; Seth Dalchand Ji only reminded me!
After a day or two I would go home and from there itself would come to Babai. And if required, you have to come along to Basoda and make some arrangement. I will reach to your place by 30th and rest we will talk on meeting. Rest OK. After arriving here I had flu; now I am well. To all: Rajneesh Ke Pranam."
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