Letter written on 10 Sep 1965 (Deriya)

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From 1957 to 1968, Osho wrote many letters to Babulal Ji Deriya, of Babai (MP), India. The wiki has images of thirteen, believed for now to be all of them. Most are written on postcards. This one, the only one outside of that earlier span, is written on one of Osho's earliest letterheads, from his days in Napier Town in Jabalpur. See Deriya Ji's page or Osho's manuscript letters for links to all these letters.

For this letter, no envelope or address is available. Moreover, he has not addressed Deriya Ji by name as he has in most of his other letters. For example, he would write "Poojya Deriya Ji" or "Shraddheya Deriya Ji" (venerable, honoured), later using the more familiar "Priya Deriya Ji" (dear, beloved), but here he has begun his letter only with "Chidatman", a "generic" greeting he has used in a number of his letters to others.

This fairly short letter is dated 10th September 1965. An English translation was published in Sw Ageh Bharti's book Beloved Osho, and likely the Hindi original version was published previously in one of Ageh's Hindi books. It is said also to be in line to be published eventually in a larger edition of Prem Ke Swar (प्रेम के स्वर) (as letter #67), though this development appears not to be fast-tracked. In the letter, Osho mentions receiving a book by an author named Kanji.


Acharya Rajnish

Jeevan Jagruti Kendra, 115, Napier Town, Jabalpur (M.P.)

आपका पत्र और श्री० कान्जी की 'आत्म प्रसिद्धि' पुस्तक मिली। समय मिलते ही उसे अवश्य देख लूंगा। इस प्रेमपूर्ण भेट से अत्यंत अनुगृहीत हूँ। वहां सबको मेरे प्रणाम कहें।

रजनीश के प्रणाम


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