Letter written on 11 Jul 1968

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This letter was written to "Beatles", a Gujarati sannyasin from Rajkot more "officially" known as Sw Anand Christ. Anuragi visited Beatles in Rajkot -- see the story in Osho News -- and reports that Osho had given him the name Beatles because he looked like one of the members of that band. He took a quick picture of Osho's letter and shared it with us, along with transcription and translation. It's a short letter, not known to have been previously published.

मेरे प्रिय।
प्रेम। जहां तुम बुलाते हो क्या वहां मै आ ही नही गया हूं ?
My Beloved,
Love. Where you call me, have I not reached there?

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