Letter written on 13 May 1961

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This is one of hundreds of letters Osho wrote to Ma Anandmayee, then known as Madan Kunwar Parakh. It was written on 13th May 1961 on the same new letterhead as Letter written on 4 May 1961 am. The letterhead's form has only "रजनीश" (Rajneesh) in the top left area, in a heavy but florid font, and "115, Napier Town, Jabalpur (M.P.) in the top right, in a lighter but still somewhat florid font.

Osho's salutation in this letter is "पूज्य मां", Pujya Maan, Revered Mother, apparently the new normal for this period. The letter is written sideways relative to the top, like the 4th May letter. There is a blue number (3) in a circle in the top right corner, the only hand-written "extraneous" mark on the page. (Note that the letter has been re-oriented for easier reading.)

Osho confirms to Ma visiting Pachmarhi (a hill station in Satpura range between Bhopal and Jabalpur) on 24th May for a family vacation.

११५, नेपियर टाउन
जबलपुर (म. प्र.)

पूज्य मां,
प्रणाम। पत्र मिला। मेरा मन है कि आप भोपाल पहुँचकर पचमढ़ी आजावें और मुझे सूचित करें कि पचमढ़ी आप किस दिन पहुँच जावेंगी। २४ मई ही ठीक होगी। आप २४ मई को पचमढ़ी पहुँचे और हम लोग २५ को आजावेंगे। आप वहां मिलेंगी तो अच्छा लगेग। किस गाडी से पहुँचेगी आदि सब लिखें। पचमढ़ी पहुँच जायें तो वहां पहुँचने का तार करदें। मैं बाद में अपनी गाड़ी की सूचना आपको दूँगा।

शेष शुभ है। सबको मेरे विनम्र प्रणाम।

रजनीश के प्रणाम
१३ मई १९६१

Partial translation
"Pranam – received the letter. I feel you reach Bhopal and from there come to Pachmadhi. And inform me on which day you will be reaching Pachmadhi – 24th May should be right. You reach Pachmadhi on 24th May and we people will be coming on 25th. If you will be meeting there (when we reach); it would be felt nice. By what train you are reaching – write all this (in detail). As you reach Pachmadhi, give a telegram. Later, I will inform you about my train."
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