Letter written on 17 Nov 1970

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Osho wrote many letters in Hindi to Ma Kusum Bharti and her husband Kapil, then of Ludhiana. Most were addressed to Kusum, but always mentioning Kapil too. 27 were published in Prem Ke Swar (प्रेम के स्वर). Sannyas Wiki has images of all but one of those published in PKS, plus three unpublished ones, plus one in English published in The Gateless Gate.

This letter is dated 17th November 1970 and was published in Prem Ke Swar (प्रेम के स्वर) as letter #21. The letterhead is different from previous ones in the series but appears to be a typical one from the Churchgate period, similar in design to the long-time Kamala Nehru Nagar letterhead used previously, with a simple all-lower-case "acharya rajneesh" and a two-colour Jeevan Jagriti Kendra logo. The new feature in this letterhead is, beyond the pure fact of a new address, a third colour and all-caps for the address.

acharya rajneesh


प्यारी कुसुम,
प्रेम। संसार है निर्वाण।

ध्वनि मात्र है मंत्र।

और, प्राणी मात्र परमात्मा।

बस सबकुछ स्वयं की दृष्टी पर निर्भर है।

दृष्टी के अतिरिक्त सृष्टि और कुछ भी नहीं है।

देखो -- आंखें खोलो और देखो।

अंधकार कहां है?

आलोक ही है।

मृत्यु कहां है?

अमृत्व ही है।

कपिल को प्रेम।

असंग को आशीष।

रजनीश के प्रणाम


Prem Ke Swar 21.jpg

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