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This letter is dated 25th July 1956 and addressed to Dr Kamal Singh Thakur, a student at Sagar University, where Osho went for his MA. They lived in the same hostel and got together regularly for walks, tea and so on. Dr Thakur finished his Intermediate Science studies in Sagar and went on to Varanasi to study medicine. He wrote Osho a letter from there and received Osho's letter in reply.

Sw Ageh Bharti has included a translation of this letter in his book Beloved Osho, near the end of ch 2, devoted mainly to Deriya Ji and the letters Osho wrote to him from 1957 to 1965. Osho's letter to Thakur and the newspaper stories Ageh collected about it are of historical interest, as the wiki has relatively little material from that era, so they are reproduced here. And as with the story of Deriya Ji's letters, this letter was also offered for publication to the Hindi Pubs team at the Resort, and though they said they would use it, they apparently haven't.

सागर विश्वविद्दालय
दोपहरः २५ जुलाई १९५६

प्रिय ठाकुर,
स्नेह। तुम्हारा पत्र मिला। ख़ुशी हुई। मैं चिंतित था कि तुम न मालूम कहां हो और क्या कर रहे हो ? मधु से पूछा था, पर उसे भी कोई ज्ञात नहीं था।

हमारे बिच दुरी है, ऐसा क्यों सोचते हो? मानव के जगत् में दूरी का संबंध वस्तुतः जमीन के दो बिंदुओं के बीच की दूरी पर निर्भर नहीं होता है। वह तो मन के संबंधों पर निर्भर होतीहै। हम दूर होकर भी पास होसकते हैं, और पास होकर भी शायद पास नहीं होसकते हैं।

सफलता और मंजिल पाने की बात तुमने लिखी है। मन में आशा और अटूट प्रयत्न की ज्योति अगर जलतीहै, तो सफलता को कहीं खोजने नहीं जाना होताहै। वह तो प्रयत्न की लौ की पतंगं है, खुद ही उसे खोजती चली आतीहै। इससे उसकी नहीं, प्रयत्न की चिन्ता ही साध्य होनी चाहिए।

मेरी दृष्टि में प्रयत्न ही प्राप्ति है और अडिग चरण ही मंजिल है।


मैं तो मन से चाह रहा था कि तुम यहीं वापिस लौट आये होते। किंतु अब जहां भी पहुँच गयेहो, वहीँ मन लगाकर प्रयत्न कर सको, ईश्वर से यही प्रार्थना करता हूँ। जीवन में 'ईश्वर ' की ऒर सदैव ही देखते रहना। वह निरन्तर प्रकाश देता रहेगा। मधु और बरमन को मैंने तुम्हारी सूचना दे दी है।

तुम्हारा अपना

Sagar University
Noon, 25 July 1956
Dear Thakur,
Was happy to receive your letter. I was worried about you and wanted to know your whereabouts. I had asked Madhu but even Madhu had no idea.
What makes you think that a distance lurks between us? On man's mental frame, distance does not depend on space lying between two different points on the earth. In other words geographical distance bears no meaning. It actually depends upon the mind and its concern. We can be far distant, yet close; and we can be together, yet not close.
You have written about achieving success and attaining your goal. If hope and an incessant effort lights one's path, one need not go anywhere in the search of success. It is like a moth that comes to the flame of effort on its own... Therefore, success should not be the goal, but an untiring effort alone.
Personally, I feel that effort itself is the attainment and unflinching step the goal.
I was sincerely hoping you to come back here after the summer vacation. Now wherever you are, I wish and pray that you can put all your heart and soul in whatever is your goal. In life always, keep an eye towards 'God'. That will give you light constantly I have informed Madhu and Burman about you.
Your very own,

A significant part of Ageh's story about this letter is that Thakurji celebrates the day that Osho wrote it every year, using the idiom of a birthday party, complete with cake and candles. He makes a big local deal out of it and has received newspaper coverage of the event. Following are two such items:

Nav Bharat, Bhopal, July 25, 1994
Birthday of the letter will again be celebrated to-day

Semri Harchand: Generally, birthdays of the children are celebrated by their parents. The rich and the wealthy have the prerogative of celebrating their own birthdays. Some fashionable and gallant many people are in the habit of celebrating the birthdays of their pet animals. The birthdays of leaders and politicians have been known to be celebrated by their supporters and followers. However, observing the birthday of a letter is, of course, a ceremony that is being observed by the men of literature of Semri Harchand and Dr. Kamal Singh for the last thirty-six years.

Bhagwan Shri Rajneesh (Osho) had written this particular letter on July 25, 1956 from the Sagar University. This ceremony will be solemnized under the auspices of Ram Dubey at the residence of Dr. Singh on July 25 in the presence of Shri Kamal Singh and the elites of the town.

Nai Duniya, Bhopal, August 1, 1994
Birthday of Osho's Letter Celebrated

On the samadhi-sthal (tomb) at the Poona Osho Commune, the following words are inscribed:

"Osho, never born, never died, only visited this planet, earth, from 11th December 1931 to 19th January 1990". This great thinker of the twentieth century, Osho, Rajneesh, however, has held the 'flag' of Religion, Meditation and Spiritualism high in the world. He still exists on the earth in various and different forms. It may be observed here that Osho wrote a letter on July 25, 1956 from Sagar to Dr. Kamal Singh Thakur, resident of Semri Harchand of Hoshangabad district. In those times, he was simply Rajneesh and was a student of the Sagar University. Ever since then Dr. Kamal Singh has been celebrating the birthday of this letter. This year he celebrated its thirty -seventh birthday. As is customary, a cake with thirty-seven candles was cut and sweets were distributed. Many of his close friends who discussed the various facets of Osho's work and his personality observed this simple ceremony. He also decided to hold a ceremony of letter birthday celebration every year. Rajneesh Ji has given some important tips of success to Dr. Kamal in the course of this letter. Could it ever be imagined that Osho would live also in this strange form?

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