Letter written on 25 Jul 1965

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Letter written to Ma Yoga Sohan on 25 Jul 1965 from Surendranagar. In the same date in the afternoon Osho written to her other letter. It is unknown if it has been published or not.

Sohan img592.jpg

Dhimantlal M. Shah

Phone : 226

8, Sarvodaya Society, SURENDRANAGAR.

प्रिय सोहन,
प्रेम। यात्रा आनंदपूर्ण हुई है। तू साथ नहीं है, इसका स्मरण प्रतिक्षण बना हुआ है। शेष शुभ। माणिक बाबू को प्रेम। बच्चों को आशीष।

रजनीश के प्रणाम


Partial translation
"Dear Sohan,
Love, the journey was blissful. You are not together – that remembrance prevails all the time."
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