Letter written on 27 Aug 1966

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Letter written to Ma Yoga Sohan on 27 Aug 1966. It is said also to be in line to be published eventually in a larger edition of Prem Ke Swar (प्रेम के स्वर) (as letter #34), though this development appears not to be fast-tracked.

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आचार्य रजनीश

प्यारी सोहन,
मैं नेपानगर गया था। कल ही लौटा हूँ। लौटते ही तेरा पत्र मिला है। नेपानगर के गेस्ट हाउस में तेरी बड़ी याद आई। ऐसी सुन्दर जगह थी कि स्वाभाविक था की तुझे दिखाने का मन होता। अबकी बार वहां गया तो तुझे बुलाऊँगा। वाशीं का एक निमंत्रण मिला वहां गया तो तो तुझे चलना ही है। आमंत्रक को मैंने मिलने के लिए पूना बुलाया है। २९ अग. गाडरवारा जारहा हूँ। उसके बाद २ सित. को इंदौर जाऊँगा। श्रावण पर तूने बुलाया है ? मैं कहीं भी रहूँ तेरे पास तो रहूँगा ही। उस दिन के लिए तो निश्चय ही।

माणिक बाबू को प्रेम। बच्चों को आशीष। अब तो मिलने का समय बिल्कुल निकट ही है।

रजनीश के प्रणाम


जीवन जागृती केन्द्र : ११५ नेपियर टाउन : जबलपुर (म.प्र.)

"Dear Sohan,
"I had been to Nepanagar – returned only yesterday. Your letter is received only on return. Remembered you lot in the Nepanagar’s guest house. It was such a beautiful place that the feeling to show it to you was natural. If next time I go there, I will call you.
"I have received an invitation from Barshi (Maharashtra). If I go there, then you have to come for sure. I have called the host to meet at Poona.
"I am going to Gadarwara on 29th. (As per Hindu calendar for August 1966 the festival of Rakhee was on Tuesday, 30th. Hence Osho might be having a holiday and visting home for the family festival.) After that on 2nd September I will be going to Indore. You have called me (to visit) in Shravan (normally in August). Wherever I am I would be with you – definitely on that day (it seems Osho is referring to Rakhi festival which falls on full moon of Shravan – exactly one month after the master’s day - Guru Purnima.)
"Love to Manik Babu. Blessings to the kids. The time (14th September is referred here for visit to Sohan at Poona in previous letter to her - Letter written on 17 Aug 1966) to meet you all; is very close.
"Rajneesh Ke Pranam.
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