Letter written on 29 Sep 1962

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This is one of hundreds of letters Osho wrote to Ma Anandmayee, then known as Madan Kunwar Parakh. It was written on 29th September 1962. The letterhead has a simple "रजनीश" (Rajneesh) in the top left area, in a heavy but florid font, and "115, Napier Town, Jabalpur (M.P.)" in the top right, in a lighter but still somewhat florid font.

Osho's salutation in this letter is a fairly typical "प्रिय मां", Priya Maan, Dear Mom. There are none of the hand-written marks that have been observed in other letters except the mirror-image number in the bottom right corner. As with some other recent letters, there are actually two numbers there, one crossed out (137) and replaced by a pink number, 139.

The letter has been published, in Bhavna Ke Bhojpatron Par Osho (भावना के भोजपत्रों पर ओशो) (2002 Diamond edition, p 163). Much of the letter concerns details of an upcoming visit to Chanda, Anandmayee's town, and includes contact details of a friend in Bombay, which Diamond also published.

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११५, नेपियर टाउन
जबलपुर (म.प्र.)

प्रिय मां,
मैं ६ अक्तूबर की संध्या जी. टी. से चांदा पहुँच रहा हूँ। श्री पारख जी का पत्र भी मिला है। उदयपुर जाना स्थगित कर दिया है : वहां जाता तो आपके पास पहुँचने में देर होती, इसलिए। चांदा १३ तक रुकूँगा। १३ को वर्धा जाकर दिग्रस जाना तय किया है। दिग्रस १४ को रुकूँगा और १५ को जबलपुर वापिस होना है। बम्बई से श्री ताराचंद जी कोठारी मेरे पास ७ दिन के लिए आना चाहते थें : छुट्टियों में इतनी देर जबलपुर मैं नहीं रुकूँगा इसलिए उन्हें चांदा आने को लिखा है; यदि वहां असुविधा न हो तो उन्हें आने के लिए एक तार करदें और पत्र भी लिखदें। फोन न. भी उनका दे रहा हूँ : संभव हो तो फोन करलें। शेष शुभ है। मैं कल यहां आया हूँ : आज बोलना है और कल जबलपुर वापिस लौटूँगा। मैं आशा करता हूँ कि जब मैं पहुँचूंगा आप स्वस्थ मिलने को हैं।

सबको मेरे विनम्र प्रणाम।


रजनीश के प्रणाम

श्री ताराचंद एल. कोठारी,
६२, मुम्बादेवी रोड़,
बम्बई - २

फोन: आफिस – ३२४५५०
घर – ७४४३२

The letter reads: "Dear Ma, I will be reaching Chanda in the evening on 6 October by G. T. Have also received the letter of Shree Parakh Ji. Have postponed the visit of Udaipur otherwise it would have delayed the visit to you. Will stay till 13 at Chanda. It is decided to go to Digras via Wardha on 13. Will stay at Digras on 14 and must return to Jabalpur on 15. Shree Tarachand Ji Kothari from Bombay, wants to stay with me for 7 days - I won't be able to stay at Jabalpur so long during holidays, hence have written to him to come to Chanda; if it is not inconvenient there, then give him a telegram to come and also write a letter. Also giving his phone number - if it is possible give a call to him. Rest, OK. I have come here yesterday - today I am to speak and tomorrow will return back to Jabalpur. Hoping that when I reach there you may be found healthy again. My humble pranam to all. Rajneesh Ke Pranam (29.9.62) Shree Tarachand L Kothari, 62, Mumba Devi Road, Bombay -2. Tel: Office : 324550 House: 74432."

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