Letter written on 3 Apr 1968

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Letter written to Manik Babu, husband of Ma Yoga Sohan, on 3 Apr 1968. It is unknown if it has been published or not.

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Acharya Rajnish

115, Napier Town, Yogesh Bhavan, Jabalpur (M.P.)

प्रिय माणिक बाबू,
प्रेम। आपका पत्र। मुझे १२ अप्रैल की संध्या मेल से वापस लौटना पड़ेगा । यहां १४ को एक मीटिंग में बोलना है। और शिमला भी अभी नहीं चल सकूंगा। अच्छी जगह जाना और आराम मेरे भाग्य में ही नहीं है ! सोहन को प्रेम। बच्चों को आशीष। इस बार मुझे और कहीं मत ठहरा देना ! घर जहां है, वहां और कही ठहरना अजीब सा मालुम होता है।

रजनीश के प्रणाम


"Dear Manik Babu,
Love. Your letter. I will have to return back in the evening of 12th April by Mail. I have to speak here in one meeting on 14th. And I won’t be able to come even to Shimla, now. Going to nice place and the resting is not in my fate! (Note: Osho really makes fun here reminding of a beautiful title of one of the Hindi discourse series ‘Anahad Mein Bisram’ meaning ‘Repose in the Boundless’ and implying being at rest wherever we are – in the ultimate!) Love to Sohan. Blessings to the children. Don’t arrange for my stay at elsewhere! Only there, where the home is, staying elsewhere makes me feel strange.
Rajneesh Ke Pranam
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