Letter written on 6 Sep 1960

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From 1957 to 1968, Osho wrote many letters to Babulal Ji Deriya, of Babai (MP), India. The wiki has images of thirteen, believed for now to be all of them. Most are written on postcards. See Deriya Ji's page or Osho's manuscript letters for links to all these letters.

For the Post Office, Osho used his full name as above. In addressing him personally, he wrote "Poojya Deriya Ji" or "Shraddheya Deriya Ji" (venerable, honoured), only later using the more familiar "Priya Deriya Ji" (dear, beloved), but all following his sometime custom of addressing male friends by their last names. See also Lashkariji, Punglia Ji, etc.

This postcard is dated 6th September 1960 and sent from the Napier Town sub-Post Office in Jabalpur. An English translation was published in Sw Ageh Bharti's book Beloved Osho, and likely the Hindi original version was published previously in one of Ageh's Hindi books. It is said also to be in line to be published eventually in a larger edition of Prem Ke Swar (प्रेम के स्वर) (as letter #64), though this development appears not to be fast-tracked. In the letter, Osho mentions having recently returned from talks in Vidisha (MP) and possibly getting together with Deriya when he comes to Wardha (MH), Mahatma Gandhi's long-time HQ, on Sep 10.

श्रद्धेय डेरिया जी,
मैं कल ही विदिशा से वापिस लौटा हूँ। वहां पर्युषण व्याख्यान माला के लिए गया था। लौटकर संगठन का पत्र मिला : समाचार विदित हुए। मैं १० तारीख को सुबह ८ बजे वर्धा पहुँच जाऊँगा। श्री फकीरचंद जी दो-तीन दिन पूर्व आये थे, वे भी १० तारीख को पहुँच जायेंगे। आप संभवतः ९ की संध्या को पहुँच जायेंगे। मेरा भी विचार पहिले ९ की संध्या पहुँचने का थाः लेकिन छुट्टी की असुविधा होने के कारण मैं १० की सुबह ही पहुँचूंगा। श्री ताराचंद भाई को पत्र लिखें तो यह सूचित करदें। शेष शुभ। सब को मेरे प्रणाम।

रजनीश के प्रणाम



To --
श्री बाबुलाल जी डेरिया
बाबई (म.प्र.)
जिलाः होशंगाबाद (म.प्र.)

"Revered Deriya Ji,
I have returned back only yesterday from Vidisha. I had gone for ‘Paryushan Vyakhyan Mala’.
(Note: As per Letter written on 31 Aug 1960 Osho had plan to visit Vidisha on 2nd and 3rd September.)
On return I received the letter of the association – and came to know the news. On the date 10th I will reach Wardha at 8 o’clock morning. If possible you reach in the evening of 9th. Earlier I planned to reach in the evening of 9th. But due to difficulty of leave, I will be reaching on 10th morning. This may be informed to Tarachand Bhai if you write a letter to him. Rest OK. My pranam to all.
Rajneesh Ke Pranam
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