Letter written on 7 Apr 1963

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This is one of hundreds of letters Osho wrote to Ma Anandmayee, then known as Madan Kunwar Parakh. It was written on 7th April 1963 from Indore. The letterhead has "Acharya Rajneesh" in a large, messy font to the right of and above the rest, which reads:

Darshan Vibhag [Department of Philosophy]
Mahakoshal Kala Mahavidyalaya [Mahakoshal Arts University]
115, Napier Town
Jabalpur (M.P.)

Osho's salutation in this letter is "प्रिय मां", Priya Maan, Dear Mom. Of all the hand-written marks seen in other letters, only a faint but readable mirror-image number in the bottom right corner -- 179 -- can be found. This letter has been published, in Bhavna Ke Bhojpatron Par Osho (भावना के भोजपत्रों पर ओशो) on p 213.

आचार्य रजनीश

दर्शन विभाग
महाकोशल कला महाविध्यालय
११५, नेपियर टाउन,
जबलपुर (म. प्र.)

प्रिय मां,
प्रणाम। मैं कल यहां आया हूँ। रात्रि बोला। अच्छा सफल आयोजन था। इंदौर भी एक केन्द्र बन सकेगा। आज दो जगह और बोल रहा हूँ। कल साजापूर बोलूँगा और परसों सुबह जबलपुर पहुँचूँगा। आपकी याद बनी है। कल से ही लिखने की सोच रहा हूँ पर समय नहीं पासका। अभी मुश्किल से इन चार लकीरों के लिए समय निकाल पाया हूँ।

रजनीश के प्रणाम

७ अप्रेल १९६३

Letters to Anandmayee 885.jpg

This letter reads: "Dear Ma, Pranam. I arrived here yesterday. Talked (lectured) in the night. There was a nice and sacksful arrangement. Indore also can become a center. Today I am going to talk at two more places. Tomorrow I will be talking at Shajapur [near Indore, Ratlam in Malva region of MP] and day after tomorrow will be reaching Jabalpur. Your remembrance prevailed - from yesterday itself thinking to write but couldn't get the time. Now for these four lines I could find time with difficulty. Rajneesh Ke Pranam. Indore, 7 Apr 1963."

In PS of Letter written on 18 Mar 1963, Osho intimated Ma about his tour program for Indore and Rtalam on the event of Mahavir Jayanti - which as noted was on 6 Apr 1963 - accordingly Osho arrives at Indore on 6 Apr and plans for returning to Jabalpur on 9 after few more talks at Indore and around on 7 and 8 as organized.

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