Letter written on 8 Dec 1960

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This is one of hundreds of letters Osho wrote to Ma Anandmayee, then known as Madan Kunwar Parakh. It was written on 8th December 1960 on his personal letterhead stationery of the day: The top left corner reads: Rajneesh / Darshan Vibhag (Philosophy Dept) / Mahakoshal Mahavidhalaya (Mahakoshal University). The top right reads: Nivas (Home) / Yogesh Bhavan, Napiertown / Jabalpur (M.P.). Many of his letters on this letterhead have had the number 115 added in by hand before "Yogesh Bhavan" to complete his address, but this one doesn't.

As with a number of letters of this vintage, there is a blue number (5) in a circle in the top right corner, but it lacks the red tick mark above Osho's salutation -- "प्रिय मां", Priya Maan, Dear Mom -- that some of them have. Osho informs Ma about his reaching back at Jabalpur on previous night at 10 o'clock. This is after his first visit to Ma at Chanda on 3 Dec 1960. Osho concludes this letter by saying "Yours Own Rajneesh".

This letter has been published, in Bhavna Ke Bhojpatron Par Osho (भावना के भोजपत्रों पर ओशो) on p 67 (2002 Diamond edition).

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रजनीश                   निवास:
दर्शन विभाग               योगेश भवन, नेपियर टाउन
महाकोशल महाविद्यालय         जबलपुर (म. प्र.)

प्रिय मां,
पद-स्पर्श। कल रात्रि १० बजे यहां पहुँच गया। आने को आगया पर सच में तो अपने को वहीं छोड़ आया हूँ! कल रात्रि जब सोया आपकी सुवास साथ थी – जागा जब तो आपके हाथों की राह देखता रहा...... और जानती हैं...... जब उनने उठाया तभी उठा हूँ!
श्री पारख जी, श्री गुरूजी, सुश्री यशोदा जी – सबको मेरे प्रणाम। शारदा और सब छोटों को स्नेह।

तुम्हारा अपना

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