Listen to the Man of Love

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This song was never recorded, according to Sw Anando Bharti, 2012-12-18.

Sw Gyan Abodha
Sw Anando Bharti
Lyrics and chord notation
 A    E   B             E      ┐         ┐
Hey – Oh, Listen to the man    ┘-2x      |
 A    E   B             E    F#m    A    |
Hey – Oh, Listen to the man of love      ┘-2x or flexible

 E         A       E     A
Lightning strikes into my heart

 E       A     E      A
Feeling like a loving spark

F#m              A             B   A
Everything just seems to fall away

 E       A       E       A
Take it    and turn it around

 E        A      E         A
Only one place love can be found

F#m              A           B   A
You must take a chance with love

Source: Sarlo's Songs in the Key of Osho. See: Notes on chord notation.

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Audio - full length

08 1:39