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The variety of places where Osho has spoken in India is simply incredible. This is a survey of all those places, including as well the few (five, underlined) that were outside India. There were some places among them where he was scheduled to speak but perhaps didn't. The places we know of as sure get a tick mark (Tick-Mark.jpg), while questionable places get a question mark (Q-Mark.jpg), signifying rumoured, scheduled, maybe or likely, but not (yet) verified.

Note that a few cities (italicized) have changed their names since colonial times. See Footnote 1 for more on this.

Agios Nikolaos GR Tick-Mark.jpg
Ahmedabad Tick-Mark.jpg
Ahmednagar MH Tick-Mark.jpg
Ajol GJ Tick-Mark.jpg
Akola MH Q-Mark.jpg
Amalner MH Tick-Mark.jpg
Amravati MH Tick-Mark.jpg
Amreli GJ Q-Mark.jpg
Amritsar PB Tick-Mark.jpg
Anand GJ Tick-Mark.jpg
Anandshila MH Tick-Mark.jpg
Aurangabad MH Q-Mark.jpg
Balasinor GJ Tick-Mark.jpg
Baramati MH Tick-Mark.jpg
Bengaluru KA Q-Mark.jpg
Bhavnagar GJ Tick-Mark.jpg
Bhilai CG ** Q-Mark.jpg
Bhopal MP Q-Mark.jpg
Bodh Gaya BR Tick-Mark.jpg
Buldana MH Tick-Mark.jpg
Burhanpur MP Q-Mark.jpg
Chandrapur MH Tick-Mark.jpg

Charlotte NC Tick-Mark.jpg
Chennai Tick-Mark.jpg
Chhatarpur MP Tick-Mark.jpg
Chhindwara MP Q-Mark.jpg
Chikhaldara MH Tick-Mark.jpg
Chikhli MH Q-Mark.jpg
Damoh MP Q-Mark.jpg
Delhi Tick-Mark.jpg
Digras MH Tick-Mark.jpg
Dharangaon MH Q-Mark.jpg
Dhule MH Tick-Mark.jpg
Dwarka GJ Tick-Mark.jpg
Firozabad UP Tick-Mark.jpg
Gadarwara MP Tick-Mark.jpg
Ganj Basoda MP Tick-Mark.jpg
Gondal GJ Q-Mark.jpg
Gondia MH Tick-Mark.jpg
Gwalior MP Tick-Mark.jpg
Hoshangabad MP Tick-Mark.jpg
Hyderabad Tick-Mark.jpg
Indore MP Tick-Mark.jpg
Itarsi MP Q-Mark.jpg

Jabalpur Tick-Mark.jpg
Jaipur MH ** Tick-Mark.jpg
Jaipur RJ Tick-Mark.jpg
Jalandhar PB Tick-Mark.jpg
Jalgaon MH Tick-Mark.jpg
Jamnagar GJ Tick-Mark.jpg
Jamshedpur JH Q-Mark.jpg
Junagadh GJ Tick-Mark.jpg
Kanpur UP Q-Mark.jpg
Kapadvanj GJ Tick-Mark.jpg
Kareli MP Tick-Mark.jpg
Kathmandu NP Tick-Mark.jpg
Katni MP Tick-Mark.jpg
Khandwa MP Q-Mark.jpg
Kheragarh UP Q-Mark.jpg
Kolkata Q-Mark.jpg
Lakhnadon MP Tick-Mark.jpg
Lonavala MH Tick-Mark.jpg
Ludhiana PB Tick-Mark.jpg
Mahableshwar MH Tick-Mark.jpg
Manali HP Tick-Mark.jpg

Mandla MP Tick-Mark.jpg
Mangrol GJ Tick-Mark.jpg
Matheran MH Tick-Mark.jpg
Mithapur GJ Tick-Mark.jpg
Montevideo UY Tick-Mark.jpg
Mt Abu RJ Tick-Mark.jpg
Mumbai Tick-Mark.jpg
Nadiad GJ Tick-Mark.jpg
Nagpur MH Q-Mark.jpg
Nandurbar MH Tick-Mark.jpg
Nargol GJ Tick-Mark.jpg
Narsinghpur MP Tick-Mark.jpg
Nashik MH Tick-Mark.jpg
Navsari GJ Q-Mark.jpg
Nepanagar MP Tick-Mark.jpg
Pahalgam JK Tick-Mark.jpg
Paratwada MH Tick-Mark.jpg
Patan GJ Q-Mark.jpg
Patna BR Tick-Mark.jpg
Pipariya MP Tick-Mark.jpg
Porbandar GJ Tick-Mark.jpg

Pune Tick-Mark.jpg
Rajkot GJ Tick-Mark.jpg
Raipur CG Tick-Mark.jpg
Raj Nagar RJ Tick-Mark.jpg
Rajneeeshpuram OR Tick-Mark.jpg
Ranakpur RJ Tick-Mark.jpg
Satna MP Tick-Mark.jpg
Secunderabad TG Tick-Mark.jpg
Seoni MP Q-Mark.jpg
Shrirampur MH Tick-Mark.jpg
Somnath GJ Q-Mark.jpg
Srinagar JK Tick-Mark.jpg
Surat GJ Tick-Mark.jpg
Surendranagar GJ Tick-Mark.jpg
Tulsishyam GJ Tick-Mark.jpg
Udaipur RJ Tick-Mark.jpg
Uruli Kanchan MH Tick-Mark.jpg
Vadodara GJ Tick-Mark.jpg
Varanasi UP Tick-Mark.jpg
Vidisha MP Tick-Mark.jpg
Wardha MH ** Q-Mark.jpg

One can see relatively quickly that the vast majority of these places are in only three states, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat, with 29, 25, and 24 places respectively. All the other Indian states combined come to only 24, with the rest of the world 5.

Most of these places were visited only in the 1960s. This was the first phase of gathering his people, and it took a while. After 1970 his travels to other places dropped considerably, and more and more consisted of "retreat"-like situations in meditation camps rather than crowds in cities. In the early 70s, he still did crowds when it suited his purposes, but they did not involve travel. It was all in Mumbai except for camps and a rare "Geeta Gyan Yagya" tour. His people had gathered, or were gathering, without need of further "outreach" in the form of travel.


1. During colonial times, the British occupiers were somewhat arbitrary in rendering the names of some Indian cities. It is said that they couldn't pronounce Indian names properly because of their stiff upper lip. At any rate, after India's independence in 1947, some cities began to change them "back", to represent their names as consistently as possible in this new alphabet, according to current transliteration customs, which are also evolving but that's another story.

Jabalpur was one of the first to do so, from Jubbulpore, so there has been no modern-era confusion about it. Bombay (Mumbai) and Poona (Pune) came rather later to the game, only in the mid-1990s, so many historical references to these towns are struggling with the change, as are more than a few old sannyasins.

In the table above, all changed names have been rendered according to newer versions except Delhi, which has not actually yet changed but is currently in a campaign to do so, to Dilli, a "proper" transliteration of दिल्ली, with "Dehli" another contender. Stay tuned. Other upgrades above include:

Vadodara (Baroda)
Bengaluru (Bangalore)
Kolkata (Calcutta)
Chennai (Madras)
Varanasi (Benares, changed long enough ago to not be a disturbance)
Chandrapur (Chanda, more of a name change than a restoration)
Kanpur (Cawnpore, not likely to induce any puzzlement)