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LoveOsho was a platform and website made by Francesco Gatti and Ilona Gultyayeva, who have since October 2021 moved on to create Bliss Out, at
A big part of LoveOsho were the interviews that Francesco made with sannyasins. The historical value of those podcasts is enormous, and a book containing some of the interviews will be published.
On the occasion of Enlightenment Day, 21 March 2023, Swaram/Francesco has made the 150 episodes of the Love Osho Podcast available on Sannyas.Wiki, this website, see below.
Historically, LoveOsho had:
  • Interviews with old and new sannyasins, published on the website and on iTunes.
  • Blogs on Osho and sannyas related subjects, focused on sannyasin communities and the Osho-sangha throughout the world.
  • Osho's Active meditations: a free guide

was in the past:
and also, a new website about meditation for Italian speakers

All podcasts/interviews on LoveOsho
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