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This is one of the LoveOsho podcasts. It was recorded on 3 Jul 2018.

Episode E010: How to deal with Osho’s bad media coverage
with Ma Anand Bhagawati
listen to the interview: or click to play in your browser.

Why Osho was (and still is) so misunderstood? Was there any case of positive media reports on Osho? What did Osho say about media? Bhagawati has been involved in Media and PR throughout her life with Osho and here she shares her point of view.
Today our guest is Bhagawati and we are going to talk about Osho in the media and Bhagawati’s role in dealing with Media&PR for Osho.
Bhagawati is a writer, and a regular collaborator to Osho News.
Enjoy the show!
Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:
  • Bhagawati’s background
  • How Bhagawati became an Osho sannyasin
  • Bhagawati’s first meeting with Osho
  • Bhagawati explains why people misunderstand Osho
  • Bhagawati talks about Wild Wild Country and the obsession of Oregonians with sex
  • How Bhagawati ended up in the press office of Osho
  • Bhagawati discusses 2 famous cases of positive media reports on Osho (Bernard Levi and Enzo Biagi)
  • Bhagawati explains how media could not accept that thousands of Western people flocked to Osho: “they must be hypnotised”
  • Bhagawati talks about Sarjano’s book which contains the transcript of the censored Enzio Biagi’s interview with Osho
  • Bhagawati talks about how Osho reacted to the widespread negative media coverage
  • Bhagawati’s view on sannyasins who hide their past connection with Osho
  • Bhagawati talks about Osho the public figure and Osho the Master
  • Bhagawati talks about Bali and its cultural and religious heritage
  • Osho in Bali and the upcoming centre being built by Maitreya
  • Bhagawati talks about Osho News
  • Bhagawati alludes to esotericism and reincarnation in the path with Osho
  • Bhagawati's morning routine
  • Bhagawati's favourite meditation
  • Bhagawati and Osho today

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