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This is one of the LoveOsho podcasts. It was recorded on 18 February 2020.

Episode E064: Osho craniosacral therapy
with Ma Bhadrena
listen to the interview: or click to play in your browser.

For Bhadrena discovering craniosacral meant finding her professional call. Bhadrena had the opportunity to refine her skills in the Osho Buddhafield working and experimenting with meditators, rather than sick people. Bhadrena then started teaching and developed her own system. Nowadays the Institute for Craniosacral Balancing is an accredited school in Switzerland and gained the status of recognised professional training.
Today our guest is Bhadrena. Bhadrena took sannyas in 1982 and is a craniosacral therapist. In 1986 Bhadrena founded the International Institute for Craniosacral Balancing and is specialised in craniosacral biodynamics which she teaches around the world.
Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:
  • 00:34 - How Bhadrena came across Osho
  • 03:01 - Bhadrena’s experience in the Ranch
  • 05:05 - Osho and craniosacral therapy
  • 08:50 - Guidance from Osho
  • 14:34 - Lesson learnt from Osho
  • 15:36 - What is Craniosacral therapy and how it works
  • 19:04 - The International Institute for Craniosacral Balancing
  • 23:27 - Bhadrena’s morning routine
  • 25:01 - Bhadrena’s favourite meditation
  • 25:47 - Bhadrena and Osho today

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