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This is one of the LoveOsho podcasts. It was recorded on 17 March 2020.

Episode E068: Little siddhartha today
with Sw Siddhartha
listen to the interview: or click to play in your browser.

Siddhartha was just a small child when he met Osho but behaved like a grown-up man paying respect to Osho in a ceremonial manner. Osho loved Siddhartha and enjoyed playing and spending time with him. Osho referred to Little Siddhartha on various occasions in public discourses giving him special attention. Siddhartha has grown up into a wonderful man and enjoyed professional success as a DJ musician. In this episode, Siddhartha shares memories of his time with Osho and his understanding of Osho’s work and contribution to humanity.
Siddhartha took sannyas in 1974 aged 4 and was known in the commune as Little Siddhartha, a child very much loved by sannyasins and in particular by Osho, who used to play and spend time with him. Today Siddhartha is a musician DJ who has played in the most important festivals around the world.
Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:
  • 00.54 - Siddharta is in India as a small child with his family
  • 4.00 - Siddharta meets Osho for the first time and takes sannyas aged 4
  • 4.40 - Osho tells Siddharta that they had been friends in a previous life
  • 10.45 - The pressure of being a special child and Osho special friend
  • 15.45 - Growing up as an adult after such different and liberal childhood
  • 19.45 - Osho is an impeccable being
  • 22.15 - Siddharta goes into Samadhi just by being around Osho
  • 26.15 - Osho does not own anything to anybody
  • 32.44 - Osho’s biggest contribution to humanity
  • 36.20 - Siddharta and Osho today
  • 38.30 - Osho was an unbeatable debater and pro-women
  • 40.50 - Siddharta addresses the sannyasins who knew and loved him as a child
  • 43.00 - Siddharta’s favourite Osho’s discourses
  • 45.00 - Siddharta is a successful DJ Musician and his latest projects
  • 48.30 - Siddharta’s view on the compilation of Osho’s books
  • 51.00 - The importance of speaking up and referring to Osho’s original work
  • 53.22 - Siddharta’s morning routine and favourite meditation

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