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This is one of the LoveOsho podcasts. It was recorded on 7 April 2020.

Episode E071: Osho neo-sannyas
with Ma Dharm Jyoti
listen to the interview: or click to play in your browser.

Jyoti was part of the first group of 21 people initiated into sannyas by Osho in September 1970. Jyoti spent many intimate moments with Osho and helped him in the early days to reach out to a wider audience. Jyoti dedicated her entire life to Osho and after he left the body, Jyoti became even more active travelling across the world to conduct meditation events and spreading Osho’s vision. In this episode, Jyoti sheds light on a crucial topic that is often misunderstood.
Today our guest is Ma Dharm Jyoti. Jyoti met Osho in 1968 and traveled with him in the early days when Osho used to give talks around India. Jyoti was part of the very first group of 21 people initiated into sannyas in 1970. Nowadays Jyoti continues to lead meditation camps and spread Osho’s vision around the world.
Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:
  • 01:03 - How Jyoti came across Osho
  • 02:55 - Osho when he was 36 years old
  • 04:37 - Osho asks Jyoti to work for him
  • 05:57 - In 1970 Osho moves to Bombay and Laxmi becomes his secretary
  • 06:35 - September 1970: Osho initiates the first 21 people into Neo-Sannyas
  • 09:09 - Sannyas as a device for awareness and to spread his vision and
  • 12:22 - Osho starts Kirtan Mandali
  • 15:08 - In 1974 Osho moves to Poona and asks Jyoti to stay in Bombay and run a meditation centre until 1979
  • 17:47 - Osho goes to Oregon and Jyoti follows him there
  • 19:31 - In 1995 Jyoti starts conducting meditation camps in India
  • 20:10 - In 2000 Jyoti moves out of the commune and brings Osho meditations around the world
  • 22:31 - Jyoti stops travelling and is preparing for the “last journey”
  • 24:32 - Sannyas initiation after Osho left the body
  • 29:36 - The most potential country for Osho to grow
  • 32:33 - Do you need a living Master?
  • 34:22 - Jyoti’s morning routine
  • 37:04 - Jyoti’s favourite meditation
  • 37:44 - Jyoti and Osho today

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