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This is one of the LoveOsho podcasts. It was recorded on 5 May 2020.

Episode E075: Osho, sustainable living and regenerative farming
with Ma Prem Nayana
listen to the interview: or click to play in your browser.

Taking sannyas as a rebellious teenager, Nayana had the dream job to look after the horses (her greatest love affair) on the Ranch. Living with Osho, the horses and in nature was like a masterclass that gave Nayana all the skills she needed for life. Nayana went on to develop a system to work with people based on body awareness and martial arts. Today Nayana lives on a farm in Portugal, promoting animal care with essential oils, regenerative farming, sustainable living and meditation.
Today our guest is Ma Prem Nayana. Nayana met Osho at the age of 18 and took sannyas in 1978. Nayana lives on a farm in Portugal dedicated to natural animal care and offers courses on the use of essential oils and herbs for animals.
Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:
  • 00.50 - How Nayana came across Osho at 18 years old
  • 03.15 - Taking sannyas as a rebellious teenager
  • 05.50 - Nayana love affair with horses and being in charge of horses in the Ranch
  • 09.40 - Osho personal connection with each sannyasin without individual contact
  • 12.05 - What Nayana learnt about horses and herself during her time with Osho
  • 14.40 - Over The Edge Farm in Portugal and sustainable living
  • 17.00 - Nayana business model for the farm
  • 22.00 - Regenerative farming
  • 27.25 - Osho in Portugal
  • 32.00 - The Osho Festival in Portugal
  • 32.55 - Essential oils for animals
  • 34.20 - Nayana’s morning routine
  • 35.30 - Nayana’s favourite meditation
  • 37.40 - Nayana and Osho today

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