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This is one of the LoveOsho podcasts. It was recorded on 19 January 2021.

Episode E122: Osho and past life regression
with Ma Devagarbha
listen to the interview: or click to play in your browser.

Devagarbha discovered past life regression as part of her professional development. During her first experience, Devagarbha resolved a long-term phobia and decided to make this technique part of her professional toolkit to help others. Devagarbha is writing a book about past life regression using hypnosis. As part of the research, Devagarbha looked into what Osho said about past lives and reincarnation. Devagarbha developed a deep understating of this subject through her studies, as well as her personal and professional experience, and she articulates it all beautifully in this rich and fascinating interview.
Today our guest is Ma Devagarbha. Devagarbha took sannyas in 1980 and holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology from Antioch University. Her background includes training in both traditional and alternative forms of counselling and hypnosis, including certification as a Rajneesh Counsellor in 1983. Devagarbha is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Certified Professional Hypnotherapy Trainer and has taught state and nationally approved professional certification training in hypnotherapy for over twenty-five years.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:
  • 01.30 - How Devagarbha came to know about Osho
  • 02.30 - What Osho triggered in Devagarbha
  • 08.30 - Meeting Osho in the body
  • 11.40 - How Devagarbha got interested in Past Life Regression
  • 15.15 - Devagarbha resolved a phobia through a past life regression session
  • 22.45 - Devagarbha resolved a personal crisis through hypnosis
  • 27.15 - Is past life regression just imagination or a real experience?
  • 31.30 - Can Science prove reincarnation?
  • 32.45 - Osho, past lives and reincarnation
  • 39.00 - The fear of disappearing into nothingness
  • 41.10 - The experience of universal consciousness
  • 46.45 - Devagarbha’s book
  • 48.00 - The most impactful book in Devagarbha’s life
  • 48.30 - Devagarbha’s advice to a new Osho lover
  • 51.15 - Devagarbha and Osho today
Music and Voice by Chinmaya Dunster

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