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Took sannyas in 1983, and lived in Satprakash (Sydney commune) in the early '80's and the Ranch part-time till it closed. Then back to India for Pune 2, and spend most of my time there from late '86-late '88. Returned again part-time over the next few years. Then based in Australia running business with Sw. Nivedana for 18 years. Set up AcuEnergetics School and Clinic with him in 2001.

Returned to Europe in 2007, and now lives between France (in the Provence hills near Avignon) and on the Dorset coast of England. I also treat in London (Neal's Yard Remedies in Covent Garden), at Humaniversity in Holland and in Osho Gautama in Italy. I practice as an AcuEnergetics practitioner and Astrologer (visit my websites for details on what this modality can treat - includes problems such as chronic pain, infertility, unreleased grief and hard to treat issues like fibromyalgia and MS).

Contact Details

Traveling in Europe - best to contact me via email and I can let you know where I am at that time.
Mobile: +44 (0)7550 544 179
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