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(Jasmine Indra aka Shannon Jo Ryan)

Pritam (and Samir) at the Ranch

Thirty year old Pritam was a prominent symbolic figure at the Ranch and in that era, being the daughter of Leo Ryan, the American congressman murdered in Nov 1978, while investigating Jonestown.

She took Sannyas Oct 21, 1980, see I Am Not As Thunk As You Drink I Am, ch21:

Shannon Ryan is the next to last of 8 who take sannyas that evening and becomes Ma Amrita Pritam, Beloved of God.
"Amrita means the immortal, the timeless, the deathless. It represents god because god is immortal, timeless, eternal, deathless. It represents the real."
Osho goes on to tell the tale of the Sufi and the king and the ring with the message, "This too shall pass." :
"To remember that we belong to the eternal, to remember that existence loves us, that we are beloveds of existence, is enough to get rid of all anxieties, anguishes, tensions, worries. Then life and death are the same, success and failure are the same. Then what happens does not matter. What matters now is of a totally different dimension: the beginningless, the endless, the immortal. To continuously remember this is the whole secret of sannyas."

In 1982 she married Sw Anand Subhuti.

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