Ma Anand Parijat

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(Jane Castles)

Parijat and Paritosh during darshan with Osho
(Sannyas magazine, Jun 1978)

Born Aug 17, 1920. Left her body Oct 14, 2018

Parijat graduated from Norman Hartnell's first intake at his fashion design school set up in Mayfair, London.

This is where she learned her art as a seamstress.

She later went on to design and model fashion clothes for various London fashion houses in the 1940's.

While working in London, she undertook Jungian analysis. She was advised that she would make a good therapist and that there was a vacancy in Edinburgh. Paritosh turned out to be her mentor in Edinburgh.

While living in Glasgow, Parijat and Paritosh were introduced to Sw Shivamurti, which started them on their great, epic journey.

She was a commune resident in Poona and one of Osho's seamstresses and one of the leaders of Enlightenment Intensive.

"Just three things I had: my lungi, my robe and my towel. My lungi is gone, you can see. Parijat helped me to renounce it. Parijat is my official seamstress – appointed by His Holiness, Bhagwan Shree Shree Shree Rajneeshji Maharaj! She made the robe so beautifully that the lungi became almost absurd with it. It started looking like a bullock cart by the side of a Cadillac. So out of necessity I had to drop it." (Osho, The Art of Dying, Ch 10, Q 6)

1977 : Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (diaries) (editing)
1947 : Fame Is the Spur (costume and wardrode department)
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