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Born on festival of Dusshera in a unorthodox rich Jain family in Burma, she studied there till 10th grade. Later she studied till MA in Bombay. BA in Philosophy and MA in Sociology, she read a lot and had completed four years of education in music. She was influenced by literature of Ramkrishna and Sri Aurobindo. She even thought of moving to Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry.

She was deep in devotion of Goddess Amba; a tradition which she received from her mother. On 16 May 1972, on birthday of his husband Praveen (later Sw Anand Sagar), she met Osho at Woodland after returning from the Mahalaxmi temple. During a discussion with Ma Yoga Laxmi, she came to know about difficulty at the site of Anand Shila / Mubra. She offered a piece of their land near Ambarnath. Ma Yoga Laxmi brought the couple to Osho and they agreed to give 125 acres of land to Anand Shila.

On Guru Purnima (year 1972?), she took Sannyas.

(Source: Ek Tarala Dharmani Nav-Avadharana (એક તરલ ધર્મની નવ-અવધારણા))

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