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(Shanti Schenker-Skye)

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I find meditation to be one of the most important tools on this journey through life! For many years, I lived in India and Japan – invibing the teachings of the East. Since 1973 I have been mentored by the Mystic Osho continually experiencing and teaching both active and passive meditations in India, Europe, Japan and America.

I am also a certified AcuColor Therapist (in Esogetic Colorpuncture). Color and Light have amazing qualities: they help heal the body, mind and spirit while at the same time revealing intricate body/mind connections. AcuColor sessions are also very helpful for deepening meditation.

So I welcome you to The World of Meditation Center! I am grateful that it is a place where people feel comfortable exploring their being through meditations, healing, counseling and workshops.

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Seattle WA
World of Meditation
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