Ma Anand Urmila

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(aka Mrs Urmila Singha)

Urmila was born in India around 1930. Her search for truth and a master began at an early age but led only to rejection of the normal religious forms and a great deal of dissatisfaction until she met Osho. By a "coincidence," she was exposed to his earliest books and her husband, an army officer, was simultaneously posted to Jabalpur, so she got to meet him before he became well known. Out of her meetings with him arose a book, Shanti Ki Khoj (शांति की खोज) (individual talks), actually Osho's words to her as he answered her questions, verified by him as accurate. She has since translated that book into English as The Inward Journey, edited his books, published another book about him in Hindi and English – Osho: Call of the Ocean, mainly pictures, and using his words – and generally been around.

Contact Details

2005 : The Inward Journey in Osho’s Guidance
2019 : Dinner with Osho, Urmila's stories about her life with Osho