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(L. Dillon)


Aneesha, who has a Bachelor's degree in philosophy and political science from the University of Boston, trained in neo-Reichian education with Charles Kelley at the Radix Institute over 30 years ago, and in 1976 went to India to meet Osho. Through her long association with Osho’s work she has developed a unique synthesis of Eastern and Western techniques for human growth and inner exploration. She is the creator of Pulsation, a meeting of the work of Wilhelm Reich with meditation, and has developed Tantric Pulsation, which is rooted in the body’s natural capacity for pleasure and joy, and the spirit’s longing for silence and meditation.

Contact Details

287 Scenic Rd.
Fairfax, CA
Osho Pulsation
287 Scenic Rd.
Fairfax, CA
Osho Pulsation
2005 : Tantric Pulsation
2005 : La pulsazione tantrica
2006 : Tantricheskie pul'sacii (Тантрические пульсации)
2011 : Pulsacion de la energia sexual
2013 : Vysvobozhdenie jenergii (Высвобождение энергии)
2015 : Tantra: put' k blazhenstvu (Тантра: путь к блаженству)
1987 : Salaam Mevlana Bhagwan
2011 : This Precious Moment
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