Ma Prem Shunyo

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(Sandy Pengelly aka Ma Dharma Chetana)

Shunyo with Osho and Anando

Born in Cornwall in 1946, Shunyo took sannyas as Ma Dharma Chetana in 1975 and lived in Osho’s house, where she was Osho’s laundress and also sometimes his caretaker, traveling with him to Rajneeshpuram, on the World Tour and back to Pune until he left his body in 1990. She became a member of the Inner Circle in the early 90s. After Osho left his body, she wrote Diamond Days with Osho, an intimate memoir considered by some to be one of the best personal accounts written of life with Osho.

Currently she is traveling the globe leading meditation events, often with her partner, musician Sw Veet Marco.

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1992 : Diamond Days with Osho
1998 : Diamanten auf dem Weg
2000 : My Diamond Days with Osho
2001 : Almaznye dni s Osho. Desjat' tysjach budd (Алмазные дни с Ошо. Десять тысяч будд)
2004 : Hira Payo Ganth Gathiyayo (हीरा पायो गांठ गठियायो)
2009 : Almaznye dni s Osho (Алмазные дни с Ошо)
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