Ma Dhyan Amiyo (Canadian)

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Amiyo & Sarlo

Amiyo took sannyas Feb 19 1980 in Pune. Following is the prologue from her unfinished novel Moonfire, which describes that event:

Ellen sits in front of a man dressed in white. She sees a kind of light shining out from under his skin. She stares, breathless. His skin is brown, but all she sees is whiteness.
Nothing in her life so far has prepared her for what she is seeing.
She is poised on top of a mountain. Vast chasms gape around her. One slip, and she will never stop falling.
The marble she sits on is cool. The silence in here is total. Outside, the Indian night is alive -- hot and fragrant and noisy.
"Come close to me", he says.
Ellen moves closer and her former life begins to dissolve. Inside, something unknown begins to tremble with longing.
He says, "Look at me".
A spark flies from his eyes into hers. Someone inside her begins to wake up.
For ten years she's called herself a feminist. Why is she here, staring into emptiness through the eyes of this man?
Who is he?
She just knows he's called Osho. She’s heard he's called “the sex guru” too, but right now this means nothing to her. She's so overwhelmed by his presence she's unaware of the danger.
Holding her gaze, he bends forward and slips a beaded necklace over her head. Before the locket can fall against her heart, he takes it gently in his left hand.
His right thumb vibrates between her eyes.
His fingers sing on top of her head.
She stares into a vortex full of nothing.
Silence rushes into her.
"Very good", he says.
He leans back in his white chair, his hands float away from her. The wooden locket falls against her chest. He is speaking to her, she can see that, but she's not taking in what he’s saying.
He hands her a white sheet of paper. Her new name is written on it.
It means nectar, he tells her. The nectar of love pouring into your heart.
It means immortality. A space inside you that’s deathless, where you’re not afraid of death anymore.
Is she afraid of death? Why is he talking about it? What is he preparing her for?
His skin is pulsing with shimmering liquid presence. She can't stop looking at it. It's all she can see. It's all she’s aware of.
He has touched her. She felt it.
She is different now. She knows it.
What is he saying? She can't seem to follow. Her forehead pulses from the touch of his thumb. The top of her head is about to explode.
The most important thing in her entire life is happening right now and she has no idea what the hell is going on.
It will be years before she understands what he is saying to her.

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