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(Ida Linse)

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I took Sannyas on 19th of August 1980:

Man can live out of mentation or meditation -- the choice is his. Osho pointed out to Ida.
If one decides to be a mind only, as millions have decided, because mind is useful, utilitarian. It earns money, it brings power, it enhances your ego, it is cunning, clever, it is a politician. It will win you fame, name, prestige, maybe it will manage to insert your name at least in the footnotes of history books. If one decides to remain a mind all these things will be possible, but there will be no blessing in life, no bliss, no benediction. One will not know the real meaning, the real significance, one will not be able to know the hidden splendour. One will miss all. One will be collecting ordinary pebbles while there is a possibility of collecting real diamonds.
Mind means thinking, meditation means awareness. It is a state of no-thought, it is a state of silence. And when you are silent, god speaks; when you speak, god is silent. Mind continuously speaks; for twenty-four hours a day it goes on and on. Even while you are asleep it goes on chattering. That's why you cannot hear the still small voice of god.
Be silent, and suddenly you will hear that which was heard by Buddha, by Jesus, by Mohammed. And just a word heard in that silence is enough. Just a single word is enough to transform the whole of your life. In that silence, in that state of no-mind, in that "agnosia", blessings go on showering.
There is a beautiful parable in Buddhist scriptures. One of the greatest disciples of Buddha, Manjushri, was sitting under a tree silently, just in a state of meditation, not even meditating -- because when you are meditating you are using your mind, trying, making efforts, chanting, using some strategy, some technique. So, he was not meditating in that way, he was just in a state of meditation. He was just silent, sitting doing nothing. And flowers started showering on him. He was puzzled: "What has happened?"
He looked around and he saw angels showering flowers, and he asked them "What is the matter? Why are you showering flowers on me? You must have mistaken me for the Buddha. I am not the Buddha! The master is there, sitting under that tree. I am just a disciple -- you must have made a mistake."
They said, "No, we have not made a mistake. We are showering these flowers as an offering to you for your great sermon on silence."
He said "Sermon on silence? I have not spoken a single word!"
And they said "That's precisely what we mean -- the sermon on silence because you have not spoken, we have not heard, and the sermon is over! Neither you spoke nor we heard; hence these flowers -- just accept them from us. We are grateful that another man has become enlightened. We know your master -- we have been showering flowers on him for years. Now we have got another person also."
And when Manjushri went to see Buddha, the first thing Buddha asked was "How was the sermon on silence? Did you love those flowers? Have you understood the significance of it all? You have become enlightened!"
Manjushri was the first disciples of Buddha to become enlightened. But nothing more is known about him because he loved that sermon on silence so much that he remained silent. Even Buddha could not persuade him ... thousands of times he tried, saying "Now, Manjushri, you should start speaking. Go to the people." Manjushri would simply laugh and sit under the tree and wait for the flowers.
That's exactly the meaning of your name, Ida -- blessings. It is a beautiful name. Create the situation in which the blessings are possible.

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