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Left the body on 14th February 2018.

Dipam was born in the USA. She took sannyas in the late 1970’s and during this time worked for many years in Vrindavan, the ashram’s kitchen. When Osho moved to the States, she sold the house she had inherited and donated all her money to the Ranch in Oregon. She went to live and work there until Osho left. When Osho returned to Pune, she moved again to be with him and work in the Commune, now called Osho International Meditation Resort.

For the last few years, Dipam had been suffering from osteoporosis and was bound to a wheelchair. She lived across the street from the main gate of the Resort and spent much of her time meditating.

Thanks to a small pension from the US she could remain in Pune until her death, at age 89.

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