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Hi I am Ma Gauri Pahari. I just found this website today, Jan 13th, 2009.

I love Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh/Osho. I am 34, married with one 3 year old boy. Both of who love Osho as well. The 1st time our son saw a picture of Osho (when he was 1) he grabbed it and cuddled it, kept it in his crib for days until he finally returned it to me. Then, at age 2, when he started talking "osho" was one of his first words. Actually the 3rd word he ever said. Mom, Daddy, Osho. Now whenever I show him a book with Osho's photo on it, I say who is this? And he says OSHO!!! He says "I love Osho"--we never taught him that. He just does. I found Osho by chance in 2002 when a book fell off the shelf at a local used bookstore. I remember it well. It was Bhagwan's book, "Zen, The Special Transmission". I picked it up and saw this man, not knowing anything about Him, and fell in love with Him. I had no idea He was not in his body anymore until 2004. In 2005 I learned about Rajneeshpuram. In 2005-to current I have learned what happened to Osho during and after the deportation and closing of Rajneeshpuram. I was absolutely appalled and ashamed to be an American after I found out the horrible truth. Of His possible poisoning. Of his arrests for nothing. Of his 12 day stay in numerous prisons. How He was treated unfairly and not given his special accomodations, such as certain foods, lighting, and his subjection to smoke from cigarettes in prison. No to mention His filthy quarters.

I cant say much about Rajneeshpuram. I wasnt there. That was then. There are so many different stories about it. I dont know whats true or false. I do know Ma Sheela decieved Him though, that is certain. I beleive what Rajneesh says about it.

Point blank--Osho FOUND me. Does not matter one iota if he is in his body. He is ALIVE. Its true. I feel Him. My husband feels Him, and an innocent 3 yr old feels and loves him too. For no apparent reason. There need be NO reason. He has touched every cell of my body, my very soul. I can say this, with certaintly, Osho has literally "saved" my life. Im living for NOW and HERE and TODAY. Before Osho, I was living in Then, Yesterday, Tomorrow, worrying, angry at the past, even suicidal at some points. Scared of the future.

NOW-- I am not scared--of anything! His words via books, video, and audio have had and continue to have a serious impact on my family's life. Osho has taught me to be myself. To love me as I am. Right now. Not what I used to be. Not what I can be. But here,today, this very second, I love ME and everything that surrounds me. I even love my anger. Because now, I know how to let it come and let it go in moments time. I could go on and on. I think anyone reading this who has had any experience with Osho understands.

My name, Gauri Pahari was uttered to me by a dear man, I know what it means; Gauri- Fair-skinned, wife of Siva ; Pahari- Mountain-Daughter, Hill. My birth name is Hillary. That is no coincidence. I was born on a hospital that was located on a mountain. I have always been fascinated with mountains and hills. Again, no coincedence. I have added 'Ma" at the beginning of my name. I asked Osho and a flash of energy touched my forehead. I knew it was fine. I have nothing but Love, Respect, and Honor for this Man, this Buddha, this Jesus, this, Socrates, this SOUL, this Lotus, that is OSHO.

Prem and Joy

Ma Gauri Pahari

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Glendale, Arizona
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