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(Camilla Luglio)

Radha is a contemporary mystic, meditation teacher and an internationally renowned Tantra expert. She is the inspirer of Tantralife School. For the last 30 years Radha has been teaching Tantra and meditation across the world and has been helping thousands of people from all walks of life transform their energy from sex to superconsciousness. Radha is one of the very few people to have learned Tantra and meditation directly from Osho, having lived with Osho for over 20 years, meditating, studying, and working as a “medium” in the energy transmissions between Master and disciples.

Contact Details

Phone: +39 342 168-5584
Radha on Facebook
2005 : Tantra: A Way of Living and Loving
2007 : Tantra: prozhivaja zhizn' v ljubvi (Тантра: проживая жизнь в любви)
2010 : Tantra: El Camino para Vivir y Amar
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